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array_change_key_case ( ) – Change array keys or index to uppercase or lowercase

The PHP array function array_change_key_case ( ) will change the key of an array to either lower case or upper case depending upon the parameter specified.The PHP array function array_change_key_case ( )  accepts two parameter.

  1. An array
  2. The CASE

The first parameter we feed this function is the target array. The second parameter allows you to specify either CASE_LOWER or CASE_UPPER. If you do not specify a second parameter this function will default to using CASE_LOWER to change the case of all keys in the array.



EXAMPLE OF PHP array function array_change_key_case ( ) :

    $info = array_change_key_case($myCarInfo, CASE_UPPER);
    foreach ($info as $key => $value) {
        echo "$key | $value <br />"; 


NAME | amit
AGE | 22

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