array_rand() — php array function to select the one or more array items at random

The array_rand() array function in php will select one or more array items from the array at random. The array_rand() array function accepts one or two arguments . First is the array and second one is the number of items to display from an array . By default the array function displays one item from an array.


  array_rand(array);  // Displays 1 item from array
or array_rand(array, no_of_items); // displays no_of_items from an array


$targetArray = array("Sara","Cindy","Julie","Megan");
$rand = array_rand($targetArray, 2);
foreach ($rand as $key => $value) {
echo "$key - <strong>" . $targetArray[$value] . "</strong><br />";


0 - Julie
1 - Megan