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how to start php

Its the most simplest and but some of you may be confused about how to start php , you understand the code , you program well but sometime confused with where to put your folder,how to run the project. Ok

1. first install the servers like xampp, wamp .

Then follow the steps:

Where to put your folder:

If you are using xampp as an server:
-xammp->htdocs->make your project folder
If you are using wampp as an server:
-wampp->www->make your project folder

How to run your project

1.Start the server and open the browser
2. Type localhost/your_project_folder(Remember: when you do this the default page that will run Is index.php). So make sure if you have only one page e.g. service.php make sure to type localhost/your_project_folder/file_name.php(service.php).