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Difference between get and post method

We can send data to the data processing page by both theĀ  GET and POST methods of a form. Both methods are used in form data handling where each one has some difference on the way they work. We will discuss some of the differences.
A major problem people have in designing / creating forms is to decide whether to use the GET or POST methods.

1. URL Changes to the submitted script name, appended with a list
of each variable with the value.
2. Use only if the number of variable to be used in a form ar very less.
3. Never use GET forms when asking for login ID and passwords.
4. Even hidden variables are shown as a part of the URL.
5. A lot of webservers might complain about long URLs being submitted.
A lot of times a URL 255 char or more is a problem.

1. This is the best way of submitting forms to the web server.
2. There is no limitation on the number of Variables passed from the form.
3. This is a transparent way of transmitting variables to the webserver
where hidden variable are always hidden!

Anchor tag always uses the get method .
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