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PHP- How to find the mac address using php

* Getting MAC Address using PHP
* PHP Fresher

ob_start(); // Turn on output buffering
system(‘ipconfig /all’); //Execute external program to display output
$mycom=ob_get_contents(); // Capture the output into a variable
ob_clean(); // Clean (erase) the output buffer

$findme = “Physical”;
$pmac = strpos($mycom, $findme); // Find the position of Physical text
$mac=substr($mycom,($pmac+36),17); // Get Physical Address

echo $mac;

If You are having problem with the above code try this code:

function get_real_mac_addr(){
  exec("ipconfig /all", $arr, $retval);
  return trim($ph[1]);

Note: Please use 13 in $arr[] index if 14 dont work